The Challenge


The nursery school is a small room constructed with bamboos and mud. The room has no table or chairs and is overcrowded with over 60 children, sitting on the mud floor.

Our Objective: To contribute to quality education for the pupils by building well-equipped classrooms to reduce overcrowding.

The Need: Renovation of 2 existing structures to use as classrooms at the cost of £5,100 each (£10,200)


Our Approach

We seek out partnerships, sponsorships and donations from companies and businesses. Our team of volunteers plan fundraising events and we have a ‘Go fund me’ account to seek donations from public.

Click here for more info on our events. Click for our ‘Go fund me’ page.

We are also seeking to collaborate with organisations who have self funded volunteers who travel to rural areas to teach. We hope this would give relief to the teachers at Nadosoito nursery school who are already thinly stretched. We also seek to collaborate with colleges and universities who may have students that are interested in volunteering during a gap year.

The Sower Media Trust, our Dar Es Salaam based branch, will pay regular supervisory visits to ensure progress on the development of the project

Please visit our Get involved page if interested in volunteering. For further information on Sponsorship, services, products for sponsorships or donations, please contact us.