Sower Care is an initiative of CAC (Bethel) UK who have carried out several missionary projects across various countries. During a visit to the village of Selela, located in the Arusha region of northern Tanzania, the Minister in charge, Fadeke Omideyi and her team quickly became aware of the needs of this deeply rural, under resourced and very primitive part of the country. This part of the country is characterised by the ancient Maasai tribe, who are historically known as warriors and their culture revolves around their cattle.


After visiting schools in nearby Ndinyika and Nadosoito, - sub - villages of Selela, Fadeke and her team were heartbroken to witness the extreme lack of resources within the schools. The only structures in one of the schools were 3 poorly equipped classrooms with hardly any amenities, catering for 348 pupils. This meant different class levels share rooms. Due to overcrowding, the younger children study under a tree. Another nursery school had a single 'shed' like room made of bamboos and mud. Teachers and children alike would walk an average of 8 miles (around 2.5 hours walk) forth and back to school daily.

Directly observing this plight spurred the decision for the founder to create an initiative that is dedicated to "Building a better Future" for the children, which has become the mantra of Sower Care. The initiative applies the concept of identifying needs in impoverished or rural areas whose facilities are inadequate or non-existent, and finding ways/means to provide solutions.